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Ling Intelligence multimedia platform is a quick and effective way to learn foreign languages. Experienced teachers and linguists have been working on this material. This method of teaching is based on intuitive assimilation of phrases and words. In contrast to traditional ways of learning, you do not learn unnecessary vocabulary on and on again. We have developed a special algorithm of repetition, so that you repeat vocabulary at appropriate intervals. This algorithm causes faster learning (up to 6-times) and the permanent remembering of words. The course is adapted to your level of proficiency.

To start learning you only need a tablet, smartphone or computer with internet access ... Learn any language you want, whenever you want!

The effectiveness of Ling Intelligence platform is confirmed by many awards:

The effectiveness of Ling Intelligence platform is confirmed by many awards:

Why do people choose Ling Intelligence?:

"I've never used this type of platform for learning foreign languages, but I decided to try it. It turned out that the course is tailored to my needs and thanks to it I quickly learned many words. Now I can boldly go abroad, because I know that I can get on with everyone "

Jiři Pešek, 31 y. Czech Republic

"From an early age learning a foreign language had always been a great difficulty to me. I spoke foreign language occasionally, but when I did I usually could not be understood... Everything changed when I started using Ling Intelligence. Learning is very pleasant, and first effects can be seen after few days."

Dubravka Kostelić, 56 y. Croatia

"I have long wanted to improve my English, but never had the time. I was convinced that it was too late to learn ... I will never learn it. Ling Intelligence multimedia platform completely changed my thinking. In just three weeks improved my skills. It was a very good choice! "

Marta Pestkiewicz, 34 y. Poland

"Multimedia platform was a hit! Every day I get to know lots of new words and constantly I was still wanting more. Learning even gave me pleasure. Now I speak English freely and have better career prospects ... I proved to my wife that a new language can be learned at any age! "

Alessandro Botticelli, 36 y. Italy


Account activation problems

Any user who has chosen the option of delivery "COD" gets an activation code along with instructions for account activation (activation code is not a password to login!). Account activation means providing the correct email address and activation code received in the package. Once activated you get the login (your email address) and password to your account in Ling Intelligence.

Where to activate the account?

Account has to be activated on following site:

Login problems

The most common login problems are due to the fact that the user enters the activation code instead of the password in the gap reserved for the password.

In case of problems

If you have any problems with the operation or action platform Ling Intelligence contact customer service:
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